Artist's Statement


I have developed a deeply intuitive process by which I am both photographer and primary subject. I achieve a stark and elegant aesthetic by holding true to myself, sharing visual poetry to portray disillusioned longings for connection, romance, trust and love.

I create my work within a mode that expresses aloneness and an elegiac sense of abandonment. I bring to the viewer a unique vision of poetic melancholia, dark intimacy, and lamentable romance. My images portray dream like isolation and poignant intimacy. Transparency of those even closest to us is rare, and even more rare is truth as an offering of honest respect and connection.

Life's distressing transitions challenge my romantic nature, sense of magic, and personal dreams . By portraying tension through anomalous body language and mysterious settings, I interpret fragmented memories and describe emotional despondency in a hauntingly seductive mise-en-scene.

Images having enigmatic qualities are conceived as my idiosyncrasies of the physical and emotional are portrayed and then invented.  I confront the often pathological and inveterate condition of many in the world around me, particularly those who cloak themselves in shadows of deceit. The work depicts trust seldom unbroken, scars often endured, and the unabated barriers devised for protection and personal freedom.

As a candid witness to self, I leave the observer with visceral images ....a raw observation of a heart pinned to a sleeve, covering delicate skin, over fragile yet unbroken bone.